How to Choose a Carrier to Transport Entertainment Industry Equipment

If you’re in or around the Atlanta area, you’ve probably noticed that the entertainment industry is a growing rapidly in the area. In these cases, specialized deliveries are the norm - we’ve carried countless materials that are time-critical and requiring special handling throughout our many movie and music-related deliveries. Because of the sensitive nature of the freight, it’s important you select a carrier who is reliable, responsible, and flexible.

Here’s what to look for when searching for a carrier for an entertainment industry delivery.

Scheduling Deliveries is Key in the Movie Industry

Much of the equipment on movie sets  (lenses, cameras, etc.) is time sensitive, since shooting can’t begin without the appropriate equipment. Further, these materials are often rented, so a carrier must be able to get to both the supplier and the set.

It is essential that the delivery gets to the set on time, especially because of the high cost of studio and equipment rentals. It sounds simple enough, but film sets are often in remote locations with special requirements, like a lift gate for lowering and loading or unloading. In these cases, scheduling is key.

Most recently, we made a delivery at the Tyler Perry Studio in Fort McPherson, right in the heart of Atlanta. There are lots of studios there, well-equipped with loading docks.

But sometimes, destinations are more remote. We did a shoot for the HBO series, Adams, where equipment had to be delivered to a pasture far outside of the city that had been turned into the Boston Harbor during the Revolutionary War. Since the sets can be anywhere, the drivers must be ready for anything.

Specialized, Flexible Carriers are Essential for Entertainment Deliveries

The music industry is a bit different, since many equipment requirements are covered by specialized, unionized freight companies. There are grip trucks that are just filled with electrical equipment, and gaffer trucks filled with lighting, just to name two.

But, sometimes there’s a need for a carrier to move time-sensitive equipment from one location to another. Whether it’s because the location is too remote or because there isn’t a truck available, another solution is needed. In these cases, the production company would call a freight forwarder, who would call a company like us.

These situations require highly specialized carriers who have the flexibility to do some unusual jobs. One time, for example, we picked up some camera equipment in New York City. It had to be in Nashville the next day for a full-length music video shoot. There was no room for delay, so selection of a reliable and responsible carrier was essential.

As the movie and music industries continue to grow in the Atlanta region, there’s a greater need for reliable carriers who are equipped to handle high-priority, time-sensitive materials. Make sure you find one you can trust for your next shoot.